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The Duck Soup process


One of our core beliefs is that our products and applications need to evolve
to meet the changing needs of our clients over time.
To put this belief into practice we approach our work with three simple principles.


Our first priority is always functionality, and our products are all designed to perform a specific task. Our ongoing maintenance activities improve the interface of your products, but also the nuts and bolts that make them soup function icon


All of our product packages are synchronised so that clients can easily add new features without having to start from scratch. If your needs, capabilities or budget change, so can your products. All with relative ease and cost effectiveness. duck soup scale icon


We are constantly upgrading our products and delivery systems. New upgrades are automatically passed on to existing clients. This benefits you and also makes good commercial sense because we can manage everyone from the same soup upgrade icon


We believe that business owners understand their needs better than anyone else, so we include your input into our design process as much as possible. We follow a three step process to ensure that everything we produce is aligned with our client’s vision.


Before we start developing or designing, we take the time to communicate with you about your vision for the project. Using specially designed questionnaires and checklists we gather as much information as possible to ensure that we understand your marketing soup discover icon


We use a system of design credits to ensure that we are regularly checking in with you, and that your feedback is being included in the the work. We will experiment with different styles to make sure that your final product looks great and works exactly as you need it soup design icon


Once we have delivered your final product we continue to check in at routine intervals. This allows us to continuously evaluate our products and techniques. As we make improvements, we pass them directly onto you as part of your subscription. duck soup deliver icon


We understand the importance of using the right tools when designing our products.
Our toolkit makes sure that our techniques are always improving.


When it comes to technology in business, nothing stays the same for very long. We are constantly investigating emerging options for our applications and processes. This means we always have a watchful eye on industry developments and new practices. duck soup investigation icon


In order to do every job to the best of our abilities, we make sure that we always have the best and most appropriate tools. Selecting the right tools means that we can be faster and better when delivering jobs within a budget. We aim to be aware of new tools as they become available, and consider how we can use those tools to benefit our soup selection icon


Our aim to constantly improve our products and services involves having an open channel of communication with our clients. We collect feedback and suggestions on a regular basis to ensure that we are accommodating any changing needs and priorities. The strategy, code and processes involved in the development of your application are reevaluated and soup review icon

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